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116 Poses To Make You Look Your Best On Camera

(Even If You Think You Look Too Fat, Short, Tall, Untoned, Or Awkward)

by Photographers Kristine Fernandez + Amanda Campeanu

You'll never say "What do I do with my hands" EVER again!

You're standing in front of the camera...

Suddenly, it's like your body has gone into freeze mode. You feel rigid, you feel silly, and you just want the whole experience to be over STAT!

You receive the photos back and you're not loving them. It just doesn't scream YOU!

Well, that's where the art of posing comes in.

Learning the art of posing can take your photos from average to AMAZING so you can sell yourself better in your business, have more confidence in YOU, and overall actually love how you look on camera.


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  • Library of 116 poses

  • How to pose when standing with and without props

  • How to pose sitting down to flatter your body shape

  • The Do's and Don'ts of posing! Detailed examples of what NOT to do and HOW to do it right when in front of the camera

  • The art of facial posing and different facial expressions for you to try to help express your personality better on camera

  • How to pose with products and make it not look awkward

  • How to pose for fashion even if you're not a model

  • BONUS FREE Video on the fundamentals of posing with real live footage from photoshoots


  • Pg 4: The 4 things you need to know when it comes to posing

  • Pg 12: Standing Poses using props

  • Pg 16: How to pose using structures

  • Pg 19: How to pose sitting down

  • Pg 20: Posing using visible levels

  • Pg 24: Posing using hidden levels

  • Pg 25: How to pose on flat surfaces

  • Pg 29: How to get the shot by moving

  • Pg 31: The 4 go-to facial poses to express your true personality on camera

  • Pg 39: How to pose for fashion when you're not a model

  • Pg 43: Poses that make you look awkward and how to correct them

  • Pg 49: The art of posing with products to help those who want to work with brands and get paid for it

Thin Gold Stroke - 01.png
Thin Gold Stroke - 01.png