DIY Branding Photoshoot

& Posing Workshop

by Kristine Fernandez + Amanda Campeanu &

You're sitting there in front of the camera ready to have your photo taken and the first thing you're probably thinking is "what on earth do I do with my hands?!"...

Posing is EVERYTHING when doing a branding photoshoot. And we totally get it. Sometimes we don't have the budget to hire a brand photographer, or our husband, mum, sister, brother, or friend isn't a photographer themselves so they have no idea HOW  to direct you or what to look for...

...and then you find yourself flicking through the photos from your DIY  photoshoot at the end of the day only liking how you look in a couple of photos, when you spent HOURS  shooting!...we get it.

Being a blogger, online business owner or personal brand you constantly NEED fresh and high quality content to put out if you're serious about growing. With the right content, you can confidently sell ANYTHING.


Which is why we've created this exact workshop that is going to cover ALL the essentials when it comes to doing your own photoshoot. Even if you hire out a photographer, you're going to know exactly how to pose and work that camera like there's no tomorrow!

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In this workshop you're going to walk away knowing how to:

  • Pose for photoshoots where you'll walk away armed with 15 poses you can use that don't look 'posey' at your next shoot

  • How to find your good and bad sides

  • How to find good lighting and adapt to different lighting conditions

  • How to plan your own photoshoot down to location and outfits to get the BEST results from your shoot and for your time (we're all busy people)

  • How to properly edit your photos quickly and professionally so they match your branding aesthetic and Instagram feed

  • How to get over your fear of doing photoshoots, posing in public, and being in front of the camera

Price: $269
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Who Is This Workshop For?

  • You're a business owner or personal brand - fresh and high quality content is essential to growing on social media

  • You're not sure what your good and bad sides are - it's time to find that out once and for all!

  • You don't really know how to pose in front of the camera

  • You want to learn MORE poses to add to your pose portfolio

  • You don't know how to plan your own photoshoot, or you currently don't plan photoshoots

  • You're not sure how to use editing programs to bring the BEST out in your photos

  • You want to know how you can use props and lighting to create high quality imagery

Who Is This Workshop not For?

  • You're not serious about your business and growing online with social media


....that's about it. This workshop IS for everyone and will help you get over any roadblocks you have that are stopping you from being confident in front of the camera.

freebies included:

  • Amanda's high converting collection of Lightroom presets containing 4 presets (Valued at $116)

  • The Ultimate Photoshoot Planning Brief (Valued at $19)

  • The Brand Pro Posing eBook with 20 poses for you to take with you to all your shoots (Valued at $39)

  • The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding on Social Media course by Kristine Fernandez (Valued at $147)

  • AND 10 professionally shot images taken and edited by Amanda and Kristine (Valued at $250)


PS. This is a hands-on and fully immersive workshop which means that you don’t have to wait to apply what you learn! You’ll be posing, have guidance and receive directions. And yes, we’ll be taking photos on the day!

Let's Break It Down Even More...

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9:30am - 12:30pm

SATURDAY | OCT. 19, 2019

*We're a big fan of snacks so we've got your covered there!


  • 4 Posing secrets that professionals use to look natural in front of the camera

  • Standing pose positions

  • On the floor pose positions

  • Sitting pose positions

  • Framing and shot composition

  • How to use props and outfits to enhance your poses


  • Using your mobile for photography

  • Using your DSLR if you have one

  • How to find the good light and adapt to different lighting conditions

  • Getting ready for your photoshoot

  • Location scouting


  • Gain the confidence to pose in public

  • How to OWN your posing

  • The importance of showing up online as YOU


  • Gain the editing skills you need to transform your photos from average to AH-mazing!

  • Key editing tips and tricks to edit quickly and efficiently

  • How to edit with YOUR brand in mind, and not someone else's