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Kristine here. I’m an expert at Personal Branding on Social Media, obsessed with Creative Content Production, and I love  teaching others how to make Content that's true to You - AND get results!

An Adelaide girl based in Brisbane who lived in Dubai for 7 years as an ex-international flight attendant, I now share my skills as a Photographer, Social Media Consultant, YouTuber  and Destination Presenter through my work and my online platforms.  My happiest days are spent styling and creating photographs, presenting to video, and teaching the world how to do it too.

Welcome to the hub of a of my work! In this site, you will find my Creative Portfolio in Photography and Videography including my YouTube channel, and on the other end, it displays my Professional Work which provides consultation and tools for Social Media Marketing for businesses both large and small.

Take a look around, there's a lot to be found, from creative inspiration to content marketing templates.


Read, Book, Shop. Whatever your query, it's here, and if it's not, feel free to connect.

What Clients Say....

"I recently had a Personal Branding consultation with Kristine and I have absolutely no words to describe how incredible it was. After our session I felt like I could actually achieve everything I want. That nothing is impossible. Kristine gave me a checklist of action steps as well as a very comprehensive report of what we covered and where I'm at with everything and I've never taken so much action in my life within such a short period of time to kick things forward. This amazing lady is so high vibe, so friendly and SO damn knowledgeable that I can't believe I didn't book in sooner. I'm SO excited and clear about the direction I want to take my brand and business and I could not have done it without Kristine!"

Amanda Campeanu • Brand Photographer & Instagram Coach

Service 1:1 Personal Branding Session

“I did what you said and literally got THREE clients from that one post."

Nicole Abela / Celebrity HMUA / Educator

Service 1:1 Personal Branding Session

"Thank you so much for this course! I have been intimidated to start this journey of personal branding because previous lectures & literature have left me feeling like I would feel inauthentic by following the strategies that were offered. Your advice & resources provide unique, personalized advice that has given me the confidence to express myself, not some idealized version of myself."

Christine Carusso • Online Course Student

2-Hour Personal Branding on Social Media

I give this course 5 stars, hands down. Pure gold. You WILL get better results in your social media and personal marketing endeavors as a result of help provided by Kristine. Kristine is also an outstanding presenter. I loved the pace, my attention never dwindled away during the lectures and engaging presentation kept me thoroughly "plugged-in" in course's material. Thank you!

Caroline • Online Course Student
2-Hour Personal Branding on Social Media



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