These are the three key elements in the wonderful world of Social Media Marketing. In looking at these three items as part of one piece (i.e. Social Media Marketing), I’ve found that people sit under one of the the few beliefs:

(1.) Too hard

(2.) Too basic

(3.) I don't believe in it; it doesn’t work

The purpose of this article is to shed a bit of light on the reality which is now one of the most powerful shifts in humankind: Social Media. The reality is that Social Media Marketing is a ‘relatively new’ realm that businesses can grow to understand to avoid becoming vulnerable to the inevitable shifts of technology and attention.

Here is what you need to know about the three components of “Social Media Marketing” to help you build the foundation to your social media strategy for your business.

SOCIAL: One of the most important characteristics that most people forget about doing and being in a space like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter - especially businesses who are looking to make sales - is being social. This component speaks so much about tone, approach and the general nature of the space “Social Media”. Embracing this aspect means that you can shape your language and presentation in such a way that is connective and ‘human’. This aspect directly influences your writing, the build of your imagery, and the presentation of your videos (tone, length, quality). Developing a true understanding around this component will already have a positive impact on the content which you create.

MEDIA: Have a think about any and every media outlet you’ve ever come across in the past. What have those mediums facilitated? What events, decisions and states-of-mind have they caused in the past? Media outlets facilitate broadcast and provide channels to PLACE and DISTRIBUTE information and entertainment. Before the Internet - the main access that brands had to MEDIA was through paying thousands of dollars for a single placement of picture-with-text, or video-with-captions, or audio-only media ads. The MEDIA has almost been an omni-powerful “entity” in the history of people; the media has facilitated the amplification of messages, caused action, and built belief systems across societies. In the past, THE MEDIA had been controlled by a small number of very large entities. Now - thanks to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and any other social platform placed on the internet - this has changed. Anyone with a device connected to the internet is a media outlet. In short - if you are reading this and are of the above, YOU ARE THE MEDIA.

MARKETING: This is the part which provides a “method to the madness”. Marketing is that thing that people do to raise awareness about something - a brand, a product, a service, an event. The goal of marketing is to cause high visibility and awareness to positively impact sales results. The higher the aligned visibility of a brand/product/service, the shorter the sales process is towards positively transferring that product or service from supplier to customer. If something is marketed well, it sells. If something isn’t marketed well, results can also be impacted. Think about any marketing department of any organisation - their job is to brainstorm, create, liaise, track with intention to convert. They build their work around formulas, statistics, demographics, psychograhics and desired outcomes. So while the necessity for marketing hasn’t changed greatly, our accessibility has HUGELY shifted. Understanding basic marketing concepts for any person running a business is almost imperative if not to help you build your own brand, but at the very least, give you the power of knowledge.

Take time out of your week to visit the social platforms and CONSCIOUSLY observe and even participate in engaging with the online community. CONSCIOUS BROWSING is the key to making this a productive, educational experience.

Investing in anything requires a level of informedness - so I encourage - that in this time of change, to dedicate a small portion of your week to CONSCIOUS SCROLLING and learning about the social media spaces. Observe and take notes on things like language, content elements, engagement - and even participate in discussions! The reality is, marketing can be sold to anyone in need - your role as the decision maker is to be educated in the areas which you will need to make decisions upon. Social Media Marketing is one of the most intimate marketing experiences that a brand can have with a consumer and for this reason, along with the many others, I encourage any person to welcome and embrace the shift in its inevitability!

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