Updated: Apr 16, 2018

You’ve never been on social media before. Then someone you should do it for business.

So you join Facebook.

So you post a couple photos and comments.

Then an ad comes up.

It says for corporate, you should do LinkedIn.

So you join LinkedIn. Phew.

The profile part is a bit lengthy but you finish it.

You browse a few profiles, add some new connections to your network.

You Inmail some people but realise you made a template email that sounds like a robot so you personalise it a bit more, send more out in hopes of getting more prospects.

Just as you get your rhythm right, you hear about Instagram.

You think your target market isn’t there but you keep hearing they are.

So you sign up.

You wonder what this platform

Is even for and what you’re going to post on it because...well, your an accountant, or a wellness coach, insurance provider, or a financial advisor...basically, a service provider that doesn’t use pictures.

But you sign up anyway coz they said you should. Now you’re really stumped.

You buy an explainer video.

Then you use it up.

Realise that that one investment had one job and it’s done.

You it can get pretty costly and eat up time, taking these pictures, writing these blog posts, getting videos made...and to top it off, you don’t even know what result they got.

And then someone asks you, are you on social media?

And you say, yeah, but my stuff isn’t that good.

The algorithms always changing, it’s a pay-to-play environment, and it seems organic reach is dead, but what if I told you that’s not entirely true? Here are some steps to steer you in the right direction....



Start with one platform. Are you a FB fan, Insta or YouTuber? Pick your FAVOURITE because you’ll be spending a lot of time here! Get to know the platform intimately! What are the functions? What does it favour? How does the audience engage and what are YOUR preferences (i.e. do they love pictures, do you love pictures, what’s the quality like and how often is the posting schedule). Better to do ONE thing amazing then three sub-par.


Create a unique space that you AND your target market would want to hang out in. Chances are, you wouldn't want to be somewhere spammy or impersonal so don't treat social and your platform like that either.


Consistently. It's trial and error after all, it's a time-game too, so even with goals and deadlines aside, it's not the end of world if you find that your content needs a bit of creative tweaking. In the worst case, out of this process, you'll discover what doesn't work and start leaning in towards trying different methods that DO work. Schedule and prepare so you can maintain consistency BUT review, review, review, and then pivot from there.


Respect your community. Alongside with Tip #3, Don’t for the sake of posting post – share content that you LOVE or just leave it. Why? Because chances are if you don’t love it, neither will your audience. Here are some key content questions:

a. Does it entertain?

b. Does it answer a question/solve a problem?

c. Is it relatable?

Aim to tick at least one box. If you tick them all, that's extra points.


Every single follower, like, comment etc. is important. Don’t forget the individual and avoid treating everyone the same; chances are you’ll seem like everyone else to them as well, and you’ll be ‘forgettable.’ Understand that by driving people to see you and spend time on your content is time which people are choosing to give you attention. Give them VALUABLE content and honest replies. Trust is an invaluable thing, and respect is a great place to build from.


Stop thinking social media is for kicks. Just because it’s accessible, doesn't mean it's worthless. Everyone has a phone which is MEANS you can market to every single person, no location, language or age barriers...talk about POWER! So make the investment, immerse yourself in the availability of the tools, learn to understand the dynamics in which we work in. Generations are shifting and behaviours too. As much as it's easy to outsource this in total, there's nothing wrong with immersive learning, because after all, this is a communication and media tool designed for scale!


The truth is - we live in two worlds now, the physical and the digital. We need to respect the online environment and the people who invest their time into social platforms.

They have interests, needs, likes, dislikes etc. however most business owners are concerned with mass producing and broadcasting their product and service.

Take a step back, think about how social your socials are. Start implementing these 7 steps to get unstuck and make your socials shine!

I’d love to hear how these steps have helped Un-Suck your social.

Get in touch at connect@kristinefernandezonline.com

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