Updated: Apr 19, 2018

People always talk about how there's nothing to do in Adelaide.

Man, if only they knew.

I grew up in Adelaide. Then I left as soon as I could because according to everyone (including Adelaidians), the rest of the world was way more exciting.

I ended up spending 7 years of my adult life living in Dubai and traveling to all corners of the world as a flight attendant. It was then that I realized that the quality of life I experienced, and the quality of food which I grew up with was way underrated and actually quite a special thing.

Adelaide's a quaint and charming city. Everything is manicured - the yards, the homes and even the people. People are polite, friendly and warm. Did I know this back then? Not really, I guess I just thought it was 'normal'.

Now, every time I go back 'home', I can't help but see it with a fresh set of eyes. Some people ask for recommendations, and while some locals might recommend the vineyards or Kangaroo Island, my favourite recommendation is The Adelaide Central Markets and its gourmet goods. It's raw, it's beautiful and it's absolutely delicious. Effortlessly-chic if you will.

As I was taking pictures, it occurred to me that other gems like this in other places of the world, like Barcelona's Mercado de San Miguel is always jammed with people. I was quietly grateful that it hadn't reached that level of fame just yet.

In the meantime, as your travel source, I will say that if you like food and culture, you must visit Adelaide Central Markets. I recommend going on an empty stomach and going ham on the coffee, the cheese, the antipasti, the sandwiches, the god, just go ham on everything.

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