“We worked with an influencer, but nothing happened”

“We worked with an influencer, but nothing happened”

During my agency days, this was one of the most common comments. I guess all those articles about boosting sales through influencer marketing floating around the internet did a pretty good job at passing on a message - about how powerful influencer marketing can be. Heck, I just did a presentation the other day and one of the slides said

“The fastest way to gain trust: 1. Document. 2. Influencers.”

I know that sounds like the equivalent of click-bait in a room full of successful business owners, but if we’re talking “fast”, influencer marketing can definitely do that. The next slide showed the catch. It said, BUT FIRST, 1. Foundation - not of the Fenty kind, but the kind of foundation that is the baseline from where all things are launched.

The question to ask before working with an influencer is - are MY channels prime for that person’s audience to land on?

The reason why “nothing happens” sometimes is because of three reasons:

  1. Your existing content and its representation of your brand (this affects trust) needs a little work.

  2. The wrong fit (of influencer)

  3. Expectation (the expectation that working with an influencer will null and void everything that’s not working)

This article is about Point number 1.

During one of my consults, my client expressed that they had worked with two influencers with over 100k followers each. They both seemed to “fit” the brand’s target market’s demographics. She continued to express that they sent them plenty of product, and paid their fees. There were two Instagram posts made per influencer. And nothing happened.

No increase in followers, no increase in sales, nada.

So I went and looked at the client’s Instagram. And right there was the answer.

As clean as the catalogue-like images were, their Instagram account needed a bit of work. It needed images that EVOKED EMOTION. For now, the images weren’t working in their favour when it came to audience retention.

So let’s say that each influencer posted an image of the client’s clothing, and in that image, the clothing looked appealing enough to make their audience look into the brand’s Instagram account. And then audience lands on the brand’s Instagram account, but the content is disconnected. The content, instead of showing BENEFITS, shows FEATURES...only. So as a result, the audience bounces out and continues to scroll away...through someone else’s account.

The concluding recommendations in this scenario was to:

  1. Edit the existing Instagram account, and create a connective theme through the images.

  2. Remove any ineffective content.

  3. To save time and money, AND start building content with trust: Do one paid photoshoot with an model influencer, make-up artist influencer, photographer influencer (creatives and models who are also influencers are a great investment in that you can achieve two things: content AND influence). You get a power group of influencers, so that each time you post an image from that photoshoot, it simultaneously builds KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

  4. (Why did I say ONE photoshoot? Photoshoots are an investment in themselves. We want to give you a chance to GROW YOUR FOLLOWING through outbound engagement first - yes it takes time, but it’s free, and it works, AND you have content that is high quality enough to retain any audience that lands on your page as a result of outbound engagement.

  5. Create a strategy around the new theme and recommended campaign.

What this session did, was to create a path. Because generally, pain hits, and people get tired of hitting and missing with their efforts. After all, it does take time to build from scratch, and when you find that you’ve built in a direction counter-productive to your goal, it ends up being a frustrating experience.

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. And if you’re keen on dissecting points 2 and 3 of the REASONS WHY #INFLUENCER MARKETING FAILS, come back next week and I’ll have the article up for you. Until then, adios and have a great weekend!

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